Kiara & Matt are an acoustic duo composed of an acoustic guitar, supported by a loop station, voice and cajon (percussion); The cajon with its magical sounds , offers a rythmique base which leads  the body and the voice  whereas the loop station allows creative and full sound, integrating the melody  with notes  from other guitars.
Kiara and matt blend  different musical traditions , creating such a brightness  and energy that they will leave you addicted. A unique mix of fusion, pop, rock, jazz and Latin sounds played in a modern and contemporary fashion. The result is a duo, with the richness of a quartet.
''We love music, and we take inspiration from the different cultures  we discovered, and learnt to love,during our several concerts outside of Italy. We try to blend these different sound and styles , to create something tryly unique, a unit in diversity. Thanks to their flexibility and continuous musical research, Kiara and matt creates an exciting music easily understandable by any audience indipendently from their age or ethnicity.
Info about Matt:
Matt started his guitar studies at the age of 14. His passion and talent took him to the prestigious 'CPM school'  based in Milan - Italy. Here he had the opportunity to be followed by two of the best guitar in Italy: Giorgio Cocilovo and Luca Colombo. Moreover , he sharpend his talent attending  to various CPM organized workshop which benefitted  of the participation of some of the most  renowned international guitar teachers. 
Info about Kiara:
Kiara discovers he talent at  the age ' of 7 years and despite coming from a solid ballet background, she decided embrace her new passion which was gradually growing stronger day after day. She joined the renowned Verona Academy, luckily been introduced  to the word of singingby Daria Toffali, over the years she worked on her natural talent with teachers such as Cheryl Porter, Luisa Cottifogli, Giulia Fasolino and Luca Pitteri.
The acoustic duo 'Kiara & Matt'  is a project in constant evolution, following the countless experiences abroad that took them  to perform in front all over the world, entertaining  every type of audience. Some  of their most  recent dates  brought them  to the Grand Hyatt Hotel Seoul (Korea), Hotels Dubai Emirates, Salinas Hotel- Cabo Verde (Africa), Melia Dunas - Cabo Verde (Africa), Taormina (Italy), Milan (Italy), Paris, Vienna.